Location sound recordings gear

Location sound recordings gear

Recorders / mixers :
Sound Devices 788T SSD : 10 tracks digital recorder / mixer with Time Code
+ CL8 remote
additionnal mixer : Sound Devices 302 : 3 input mixer
NAGRA EMP : stereo preamp (same as Nagra VI)

Time Code : Tentacle Sync  (x2)

Microphones :
– Condensers microphones :

DPA 4017B with Rycote windshield & suspension
Sennheiser MKH60 with Rycote windshield and cinela Osix suspension
Sennheiser MKH40 (for M-S couple) with  Cinela Zephix windshield and suspension
Sennheiser MKH30 (for M-S couple) with  Cinela Zephix windshield and suspension

– Radio Mikes
Sennheiser evolution G3 x3 + DPA 4060 lavalier mikes x3 with furs, suspensions etc…

– Director/continuity headphone kit sennheiser G3

– Other mikes :

Oktava MKH12x2 with Rycote BBG ( for X-Y or ORTF stéréo recordings)
Aquarian Hydrophones x2

– Ribbons microphones:
Beyerdynamic M160 x2
Beyerdynamic M130 x2 (for M-S couple or Blumlein) with Cinela Zephix windshield

– Other studio microphones :
Audio-technica 4041 x2
Audio-technica ATM33a
Shure SM57 x2

Boom poles :
Panamic minipole
Ambient mid pole and maxi pole

Headphones : 
Sennheiser HD25 x2
Beyerdynamic DT150 x2

plus …
Lithium NPL7 batteries and charger
cables and stands
Contact mikes x5
50 m long XLR cable  x2
bags : audiobag, Portabrace

Guillaume's soundbag

 Studio for sound design & mix – audio post-production

Guillaume Beauron Equipment (list to download)