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Mundosonore’s friends & colleagues

http://árchú.com                                árchú music band                      Anne Martin, Gaelic singer (Isle of Skye)                   Peter O’ Doherty, composer, sound artist and improviser               Kate Mc Cullough, cinematographer                                   The best microphones suspensions and windshields !    Experimental label                         Electroacoustic studio/ label     French indie rock label                   Irish experimental/                           Film company                        Film company                     Experimental music distributor                               Radio art magazine             Experimental and rock label                Documentary films production company – South of France
Maremar                                           Author and filmmaker from Toulouse
Dún Laoghaire soundmap             A project by Anthony Kelly and David Stalling                        Musician from my home town of Montpellier                  Composer, writer and sound artist based in Paris                        Radio Art Festival and radio from Lisbon                  Philosophy and contemporary art web magazine                    “Hörspiel” radio                      Sound technics and equipment
tuath-existence-is-futile                 Tuath, irish band                 The sasquatch project  association of professionals