Studio for sound design & mix / audio post-production

Studio for sound design & audio post-production

System :
Apple iMac 3.1 GHz, Core i7, 16 Gb RAM
MacBook pro 2,4 GHz
+ external various Hard Drives ( G-tech)

Personnal soundscapes and sound effects library (collected over 20 years)

Softwares :
Protools 11
Digital Performer 9
Izotope RX

Soundminer 5 pro
NUGEN AUDIO LM Correct 2 – with Dynapt extension – (LOUDNESS compliant mixes)

Audio interfaces :
Universal Audio Apollo Quad (UAD2)
MOTU 896

Midi controller :
M-audio Keystation 88ES

DAW controller :
Euphonix MC mix

Analog mixing desk :
TL audio M1 Tubetracker

Speakers :
Dynaudio BM5A x2

 plug-ins :
Oxford Sonnox Dynamics
Waves De-esser
UA Lexicon Reverb 224

UA Fairchild 670 compressor
UA EP 34 Tape Echo
UA Precision Enhancer
UA EMT 140 Plate reverb
UA EMT 250 Reverb
UA MOOG filters

UA Roland RE201 Delay
UA LA2A compressor
UA 1176 preamp
UA NEVE 88RS Channel Strip
UA Helios EQ Strip
UA Pultec passive EQ
UA Studer A800

Tape recorder : Tascam 32 ( for electro-acoustic “crayonnés”)

Processors & effects :
Joe Meek TwinQ preamp compressor
Joe Meek VC3 preamp compressor
Alesis Midiverb II
Yamaha SPX90 multi effect
Korg DRV2000 reverb
Roland SDE2500 Delay

Synthetizer :
Roland SH101 x2
Virtual instruments from Avid Protools and Motu

Studio microphones :
DPA 4011C
Sennheiser MKH40
Sennheiser MKH30
Beyerdynamic M160 x2
Beyerdynamic M130 x2
Audio-technica 4041 x2

Audio-technica ATM33a
Shure SM57 x2

mike studio

Location sound recordings gear

Guillaume Beauron Equipment (list to download)